The Game Changer Project

This is my personal story of why I launched the Game Changer Project and how you can help.


Building a company is not for the faint of heart

The Game Changer tells the story of a company that was built by not just the team and the investors that funded their venture, but by those that provided the insights to slay all of their dragons, personal and professional

Like the image at the right of all of the different textures and colors in the mosaic, so are the people that it takes to get a company to the next level.

Who is in your Executive Village?

No matter what your role, you need a "Board of Directors" of your life.  You need mentors professionally.  You need friends and family that tell you the truth and hold you accountable.

Invest in yourself

The Game Changer, the novel, will give you a lot of practical tips, wrapped up in a story that you can both immerse yourself in, and that you can use to escape your present realities.  It is meant to give you hope and to help you discover joy again in your worklife.

Become a Game Changer Insider

Check out the participation levels below

The gallery below shows you the various ways that you can become a Game Changer Insider.  If you can't wait until June when the book is available in print, for as little as $15, you can get a PDF of the book.  

If you are a company that wants to change your game, we are providing a 50% discount on our Game Changer Discovery package.  

Your support at any level helps us to focus on the long term, rather than worrying about next week or next month.  That is what Game Changers do.

Ready to be an Insider?

Once you are ready to participate (or to learn more about each level), click HERE.

Engage with the Game Changer

Reach your next goal

Join the Game Changer in this private group and change your game.


Hire the Game Changer

If you need personalized help changing your game, we offer advisory services.  

IT'S NOT FREE .... ;)

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The book is available in soft cover and Kindle format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.