After hearing about my background and listening to my backstory, you will understand what led me to build a comprehensive set of flexible and proprietary tools to transform trip planning.We are determined to change our world, one trip at a time.

The companies that I consulted for and the investment community that I advised, the best selling authors that I have interviewed and the incredible team that is helping me build my tech company make up my own "executive village" and they have encouraged me to stay the course, even during the inevitable tough times.  

They are the fuel to my rocket.  They enable me (and soon you)  to be a Game Changer.

My background

The Strategist


My consulting firm, Solutionz, recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.  Click on the image to learn more about who we have served and the kinds of work that we do.

The Founder/CEO


Under the Solutionz Innovations umbrella, I have a technology company, the advisory services firm and our global network of associates.  Click on the image to learn more about Solutionz Innovations.

The Podcast Host


The Game Changer Network has over 350 podcasts on leadership, growth, innovation, giving back and building a legacy.  Click on the logo to listen to the last few podcasts as our gift to you.  Our audio membership is just $19/yr. 

1978 - 1996

Before successfully launching the Solutionz brand, I spent 18 years in various corporate roles in the travel technology industry, including Managing Director of Latin America for Sabre, Staff Director of Strategic Planning for Worldspan and Director of Strategy for SITA.  

I began my career in the travel industry with a travel agency, the first year that agencies were automated.  I then moved on to my first travel technology company in 1982.  From 1982 to 1996  was with the following companies, continuously growing in various executive roles.


I have spent the last 21+ years doing advisory services work, working on and investing in 10 startups and early stage companies.

My Backstory

This is the story of how the Game Changer transitioned from a dream into my reality.